Tumbleweed with Lawson Vallery


Tumbleweed with Lawson Vallery

The Tumbleweed acoustic trio comprises three members of the Lawson Vallery Band. Lawson is a singer and songwriter from Texas. He moved to Norway in 1975. Lawson has released four albums and ten singles since 2016. Bjørn Lodvar Larsen is a Norwegian singer and songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and record producer. He has been active as a live performer all over Norway since the early 90s. Since 2013,  he has released two albums and two singles under the name «Lodvar,» and a new album «Confessions of a Contemporary Adult» is set to release June 7th. Emmie Lee is an English rose grown in rural England and sunny Florida. Singing, dancing and songwriting since the 90s, Emmie has performed in choirs, bands, and musical theatre groups on stages around England, Norway, Florida, and Nashville. In 2018, Emmie moved to Norway. She will release two singles, «Perfectly Imperfect» and «Semi Country Girl,» this spring and summer.

Line Dancing with Kelli

Originally from California, Kelli Haugen has lived in Norway for 30 years. She recently received dual citizenship and is now a true Norwegian-American. She started Kickin’ With Kelli linedance classes in 1998 and Valdres Linedance Klubb in 2000. She also competes in global linedance competitions and is an eight-time World Champion, with plans to compete once again in Bergen this December. Kelli has been part of our Fourth of July festivities here in Frognerparken for many years and is really looking forward to dancing with everyone this year! Be sure to check out her YouTube channel!

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kristin & iben



Jess Hopkins

Jess Hopkins aka "Cadillac" hails from the North Georgia mountains, in the southeastern USA. He will entertain us with a wide variety of Americana music - a large pool of different genres including folk, country, blues, rock'n'roll, and bluegrass. Check out his videos  here!

Kristin and Iben Gramstad

Kristin and Ben are a mother and son duo from Oslo who have been greatly inspired by American music. Kristin is a vocal coach, a conductor of several choirs, and has previously toured with gospel, pop, soul and classical musicians. Iben is a musician and producer who mainly plays rhythmic piano. The duo loves to merge genres and time periods in their musical repertoire and look forward to entertaining you at this year's celebration!







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Samuel Agtorn

Samuel is a twenty year old dude from Sweden. He likes everything from Bob Marley, Bob Dylan, Pink Floyd and of course the Beatles. He plays in a newly founded psychedelic/ progressive rock band, but when it comes the solo work, it’s mostly acoustic or folky rock. Music and songwriting is his biggest passion, and he will be sure to spread that joy to you as well!


Nilsen's Southern Harmony

Nilsen's Southern Harmony will play country rock in an acoustic duo format. They have released two albums, two EP's, and a handful of singles. Their songs have been featured in the Netflix series DAG, several other TV series and movies, and been playlisted by radio stations all over the world. Nilsen is one of the very few European composers invited to the prestigious Frank Brown International Songwriters Festival, with some of the biggest songwriter names in the US. He has had more than 80 of his songs recorded by other artists, including 3 European top 5's (HotDisc Top 40). Artists such as Linda Gail Lewis, Dallas Moore, Billy Don Burns, and Drew Howard, have performed songs written by Nilsen, just like some of the biggest Norwegian artists. The 2021 single by Nilsen’s Southern Harmony, «Pray Like You Mean It» (written with Austin Church), was nominated for Country Song of the Year at LDM Music Awards, and it made the awesome American Songwriter magazines playlist – Hot Indie Favorites. Check them out on Spotify!

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