Introducing this year's American food feast!

Hamburgers • Hot dogs • Corn dogs • American & Korean BBQ • Jerk chicken • Empanadas • Corn pie • Funnel cake • Popcorn • Baked goods • Ice cream • Lemonade • Soft drinks • and much more!

The American Women's Club of Oslo

Cookies, Rice Krispie treats, brownies, muffins and other homemade treats.

The American Women's Club of Oslo (AWC) is a philanthropic organization founded in 1934.

Johnny Rockets

Johnny Rockets is a well-established restaurant at a number of worldwide location known for its quality hamburgers, milkshakes and a delicious variety of fries and tater tots.


Olivelle - The Art of Flavor

At Olivelle you will only find flavors, ingredients and high quality products. Everything is carefully selected, and we are constantly looking for new and better taste experiences. This year, Olivelle will serve traditional corn dogs, funnel cake, popcorn, and lemonade.


Wildfire is serving their signature Jerk Chicken dish with their handmade jerk marinade, along with a fresh salad, both gluten-free.


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Ralph's BBQ

Ralph's prides themselves on serving the most authentic American barbecue in town. All meats are cooked on site in a wood pellet smoker for up to 16 hours.

There are no secrets to their barbecue; just great premium quality meats, fresh ingredients, simple seasonings, carefully managed fire, and a whole lotta patience.

Eric King 
Hot dogs and ice cream from Ice Crime.

A celebration of Southern BBQ.



Chefs Esteban Lara and Paulo Letelier have teamed up to bring you Chilean empanadas, choripan, and corn pie (both meat and vegan versions), all made with merken - a traditional seasoning made from smoked chilli peppers created by the indigenous Mapuche.

Peter Ken

Korean BBQ

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