2018's Raffles & Prizes

Feeling lucky? Be sure to buy a raffle ticket on Sunday, 01 July 2018, for a chance to win one, or more, fabulous prizes compliments of our generous raffle prize supporters.  Below will be some of this year's raffle prizes, with more surprises in store.  Raffle proceeds go to charity, so everyone is a winner!



Tine | Cheese wheels

Dining Certificates

•The Dubliner | Dining certificate 
Hard Rock Cafe | Dining certificate 
Hard Rock Cafe | Dining certificate 
•Peppe's Pizza | Pizza certificate 


•Fjord Tours | Norway in a Nutshell Tours
•Icelandair | Air ticket 


•Alquema| Giveaway 
Cappelen Damm| Giveaways 
Circle K| Giveaways 
Circle K| Giveaways 
Dale of Norway| Sweaters 
Haugen Gruppen| Giveaways 
•The Norwegian Softball and Baseball Federation| Giveaways 
PGS| Backpacks 
•Universal & Sony Pictures| Giveaways 
UPS| Gift 
•Weber Stephens| Grill 
•3M| Giveaways 


Prize Wheel

Everybody is a winner. Take a spin of the wheel for assorted prizes.

Raffle and Prizes Terms: Must be present to win. Prize selections may change. Some conditions may apply to plane tickets, hotel reservations and other prizes.


Calling all raffle ticket sellers!

In order for our raffle to be successful, we need volunteers to circulate through the park selling tickets on the day. It is not hard to sell the tickets and you can keep a portion of whatever you sell. Our sponsors have been very generous with great prizes, so the tickets sell themselves.

We will be having an informational meeting at the raffles booth at 11:45 on the day, and again later in the afternoon.  We will give you all the information you need. Want to come later? – No problem. Just come to the booth and we will get you started.

Come support us, make some money and enjoy the day.

For more information send us an email at: raffles@accn.no .


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